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Our car valuation and sale services follow a simple 4-step process to help our clients get paid for their cars faster. Explore below the method making Selling Your Car Australia’s preferred vehicle trading service.
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What’s my car worth? We’ll offer you a dealer-beating price for your vehicle.
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Once the price is agreed, your money will arrive within 24-hours.
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And that’s all it takes – get cash for unwanted cars – easily and quickly.
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There are no negotiations,only top value strai ghtaway.
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Too many people out there will negotiate down,often leaving sellers out of pocket.That's not how we work -we dedicate ourselves to anactual value that gets the most return from any car sale.
We tick all the boxes in quality used vehicle trading
Searching for service with the perfect trifecta ofaccreditation, positive reviews, and experience is noteasy. We tick every one of those boxes.
You won’t find any better deal for your car than at Selling Your Car. We want to make sure that our clients find themselves satisfied with their vehicle valuation.
Even if it's just a thought, we can help!
Even if you're only just thinking about selling your car,let us know, and we'll lay the groundwork for asuccessful sale that maximizes profits on theautomobile
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sell used car
sell used car
sell used car
We buy your cars no matter the make or model.
Selling Your Car is a service that puts the worries and concerns of selling your vehicle behind you. If you are wondering where to sell my car for cash, simply contact us, and we’ll make the sale process seamless. We’re the most fluid and trusted resource for vehicle owners, putting cash into the pockets of Australians fast and efficiently.
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“I Want to Sell My Car”, Trust Our Efficient Process

Cars have become essential items for people to own over time. You rely on them to transport you from one place to another and take care of them to ensure they provide a service to you for several years. However, vehicle manufacturers are constantly working on ways to enhance cars and make them irresistible with new features and technology. For this reason, people end up wanting to upgrade to the latest model. To do that, you must convince yourself to “sell my car” to make room for something better. Sometimes, you may be in a financial situation that requires you to sell the car fast. When you’re in this predicament, trust the team at Sell My Cars Fast to assist you with the process, as you can do it from any location in the country.

Tips to Consider to Sell My Car Online

The second-hand car market is tricky as it is constantly changing and while selling a car at the best of times is difficult, trying to complete the sale quickly is tougher. The question that probably enters your mind when you’ve decided to part ways with your car is, “how can I sell my car quick and still acquire good value?” Perhaps following these handy tips will help you fetch the price you desire for your used vehicle.

  • You should perform a minor facelift - nothing too expensive and extravagant. While your car may have gone on in years, you can take the age of it by tweaking little things such as replacing the windscreen wipers or the light bulbs around the vehicle. Make a list of these types of changes you can make. Although they’re small and may appear insignificant, they will go a long way towards increasing the car's value.
  • It should come as no surprise that once you’ve told yourself that you’re ready to “sell my used car”, you must immediately think about taking it to your local car wash for a proper polish and clean both inside and out. Clear the clutter from the crevices within the car and wipe away grime and stains from under the hood. Ideally, you want to present the car in the best possible light.
  • It won’t hurt you to do your due diligence about your car. When you need to “sell my car now”, you must understand what price range you’re willing to accept. Search the internet for cars that are similar to your make and model to see what price they’re selling for. As a result, you will have an idea of what to expect when you’re ready to part ways with the car.
  • Paperwork is a crucial aspect of selling a car. You’d first require proof of ownership to ensure that the sale is legal. Furthermore, keep your car’s service records, repair receipts, and other documentation that could help you achieve your desired result when selling your vehicle.

What to Expect From Us When You Decide to “Sell My Car Today”

Our primary task is to give you cash for your vehicle in addition to removing stress from the process. We have four steps to complete the selling process from when you get in touch with us until you have the money in your bank account. When you use our services to “sell my car fast”, this is what you can expect.

  • As the car owner, we understand that you have sentimental bonds with your vehicle. It may have been your first car or through some major achievements in your life. Consequently, when you part ways with it, you ideally want a decent financial return. After you request our services, one of our team members will evaluate your car and contact you with our offer. We will send a team member to come out and inspect the vehicle physically and give you a final offer based on the inspection results. If you’re happy with the number, we will use a bank transfer to get the money to you, and you will have access to it within 24 hours.
  • Whether you want to sell a used car that’s free or still under finance, you can still capitalise on our services. You simply need to obtain the settlement letter from the relevant financial institution before you make the sale.
  • We will need you to prove that you’re the owner of the vehicle by producing the registration papers along with your driver’s license. If you’re handling the process for someone else, perhaps a family member or friend, you’d still require those documents, including an authorisation letter from the owner. On the note of paperwork, you won’t have to worry about a roadworthy certificate or pink slips as we are a licensed car dealer.
  • After we’ve agreed on a deal, we’ll send one of our team members to you for the collection. We can set a convenient day and time for the pick-up, and our representatives will arrive in a toll truck to fetch your car. Ensure that you leave the keys, logbook, owner’s manual and other essential items in the vehicle.

Why Trust Us to Sell an Old Car

Whether it’s a new or second-hand vehicle, the process is quite simple. We have extensive experience as a car dealership and operate with our customers in mind. You can use our services from any location within Australia - both urban and rural areas. Since our customers are the centre of our business, you can expect a friendly, trustworthy team to usher you through the process.

When you obtain a quotation from us, we’ll ensure that you receive our research to support the value that we attach to your vehicle. There isn’t a vehicle that doesn’t interest us; regardless of the make, model, or age, we can give you cash in a quick deal which is handy if you’re strapped for cash. We understand that it’s difficult to trust people when it involves selling your precious goods for money, but we check every box when it comes to accreditation, experience, and positive customer feedback. When you’re ready to sell your vehicle, contact us, and we’ll start the process immediately.

Asked Questions
How much can I get for my car?
Once we receive your request, our team will analyze your car and get back to you via phone or email. We will offer an initial price and send a team member to verify the condition of the vehicle. They will then confirm the amount you’ll get for it post on-site inspection.
How do I get paid when my car sells?
We prefer the fastest method for your payment – a bank transfer by Osko. Never fear that once we reach a deal for your car, your money will be processed straight away, even on weekends and public holidays. You should receive your money within 24-hours.
Are there any documents I need to sell my car?
We’ll need to verify that you are the owner of the car. When we confirm your quote, we ask that you kindly provide your driver’s license and vehicle registration papers. If you are selling the vehicle on behalf of someone else, please provide the ID documents of the owner and an authorisation letter stating that you may sell.
What should I do if there’s outstanding finance on my vehicle?
Yes, you can sell your car if there’s outstanding finance. However, you will need to supply us with an up-to-date payout letter from your financial institution before you can make the sale.
When and how do you collect the car?
Once we finalize a deal for your car, we’ll set a time and date to pick it up at your convenience. One of our drivers will arrive in a toll truck to take your vehicle. Please ensure all keys, logbooks, manuals, and other essentials are inside the car.
Do I need to provide Roadworthy Certificate or pink slip when I sell the car?
No, as we are a registered licensed motor dealer. No pink slip or RWC needed when you sell the car to us.
User Testimonial
Our car valuation and sale services follow a simple 4-step process to help our clients get paid for their cars faster. Explore below the method making Selling Your Car Australia’s preferred vehicle trading service.
Robert M.
Rosebery, NSW
First and foremost, I would like to say that the service I received while working with is nothing short of a five star restaurant experience. I worked with a gentleman named Hal. He was straight to the point, honest, transparent, and actually a great person to just talk too. I have always heard to be careful of lawyers, sketchy contractors, and car salesmen, but after dealing with I can truly say that I will not be working with contractors and I will not be working with lawyers. When it comes to car sales or anything that has to do with vehicles there's no other place that I would go other than
Kamar H.
Brentwood, WA
It couldn't have been any easier to sell my car. They did everything they said they would do. I had a small note which needed to be satisfied. I was told that I would keep the car until that was done. What a Great Experience.....
Nathan Y.
Mascot, NSW
Best experience ever! Very simple process from home. No need to drive or take your car anywhere. They will do all the work. Just need to follow simple steps. Also, their offer was the BEST out of all dealers!
Kaylene M.
Mudgeeraba, QLD
I typically do not leave reviews of businesses but this one definitely deserves one. gave me the best offer for my car even over local dealerships. They kept the whole process simple from completion of the paper work to answering all of my questions, all the way to even coming to pick up my car. They made selling my car one of the most easiest and non stressful things I have ever done. My money was paid to my credit union within hours of getting them the account information. They were very friendly, professional and personable and it truly meant a lot to me. I highly recommend them and have told several friends and family members to use them.
Graham A.
Mount Barker, SA
Absolute positive experience. I shop my car on 3 websites and was by far the best offer made. Staff was great with communication and the process was simple and easy.
Darren P.
Sebastopol, VIC
They sent an inspector out promptly to check out my truck. Once the inspection was done and we agreed on a price the money was in my account in 24 hours and my lender had a check also within 24 hours. The transaction was smooth and pain free. I'm a happy seller.
Darryn M.
New Beith, QLD
I was a bit skeptical at first because the offer was almost too good to be true. HOWEVER, I was definitely proved wrong and I had a wonderful experience!
Wayne K.
Port Lincoln, SA
The experience was good and the process was very easy. There was great communication with Brian, he was quick to answer any questions or concerns I had. I would definitely use this company again and I'm referring them to friends and family. Thank you so much and I appreciate fast payment too.
Rosalie L.
Mount Ommaney, QLD
I just finished selling my car with and had a great experience. It was super easy and efficient. All of the customer service reps were great and very responsive when I had questions, one even answered his phone at his kids birthday party to help me out. It was a lot quicker than selling to a private part and funds came in quick. I would definitely use them again.
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