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We understand the burden of selling your car. The amount of paperwork, negotiating the right price – even finding a buyer! Those are only some factors that make the vehicle trade a hassle for many owners wishing to get rid of their motors. That’s why we set out to create a car buying service that removes the fuss and gives vehicle owners the cash they deserve.

Selling Your Car began to help our community enjoy a more trusted, efficient, and rewarding car buying service. Our philosophy is that selling vehicles should be a simple as possible for the owner. We strive to achieve those ambitions through our dedicated mission, profound vision, company values, and community promise.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide Australians with the easiest way to sell their cars.

We use our expert insight, state-of-the-art technology, and timely logistics to ensure that owners can trade their vehicles fast and with the price they deserve. Selling Your Car is quickly becoming the preferred car resource because of our dedication to clients.

Our Vision
The vision that drives our business is a dealership that makes buying your car a seamless process.

We want our clients thinking that all that’s needed is to contact us about selling their vehicle – and we’ll take care of the rest. Let our team do the work for you and deliver the cash for your car right into your pocket.

Our Values

Selling Your Car incorporates three values into every quote and query – efficiency, commitment, and sincerity. Discover the meaning behind each value below:


We have spent time working out the most efficient process for selling vehicles. Our team ensures no hassle or fuss behind any quote or query as soon as you contact us.


We commit to making your life easier when selling your vehicle. There’s no other dealer that will provide clients with such dedicated customer service. We build a comfortable and secure environment to sell your car.


There’s nothing worse than when owners think they aren’t receiving the correct value of their vehicle. We build profound trust around our services to ensure sellers receive the maximum amount of the car’s value.

Our Promise

We put our money where our mouth is when it comes to our service. Selling Your Car offers a promise of one of the most seamless car sales experiences Australia-wide. We guarantee client satisfaction with a quick quote, excellent logistics, and most importantly – cash in hand in no time.

Selling Your Car? Get an Accurate Car Estimate Online Now

Selling your car is now as easy as a few clicks of a button. Get a fast online car estimation today and have your money in the bank in a matter of days. Regardless of where you are in Australia, we can make you an offer, pay you, and collect the car.

One of the main issues stopping people from selling their cars is lowball offers from dealers hungry to make a fast buck. Negotiating a fair price for your vehicle is often an uphill battle, not to mention the mountain of paperwork that goes along with selling a vehicle. Now, selling your car is easy and straightforward on Sell My Cars Fast, a car buying service that removes the hassle and aims to give you a fair car estimate.

Market-Related Used Car Evaluation

Our unique online platform is geared to give you an instant price estimation, making the choice of whether you want to sell your car or not a simple matter. You can get the cash in your back pocket within 24 hours of the successful conclusion of an agreement.

  • Getting an estimate, and ultimately an offer is simple. Simply visit sellmycarsfast.com.au, click on the ‘Get Started’ tab, and fill in the relevant details. A member of our team will contact you via telephone and give you an estimate.
  • Our telephonic estimation needs to be confirmed by a physical representative, who will visit to confirm the vehicle's condition. Once all the details regarding your vehicle have been confirmed, we formalise the offer.
  • Once you have received and accepted the offer and handed in all relevant documentation, we make your payment through a direct bank transfer via Osko within as little as 24 hours. You can have cash in hand within one day.

How Accurate is the Sell My Car Instant Quote?

Getting an estimation is quick and easy with Sell My Cars Fast. Our estimations team is highly trained and able to provide basic estimations over the phone without physically inspecting the vehicle in question. These estimations are as accurate as possible but will require a physical inspection to confirm the details provided online. There are a few factors that can affect the accuracy of the estimate.

  • Vehicle condition: The vehicle's physical condition is the main determinator when it comes to your estimation. Obviously, the better the vehicle's condition, the better the estimation will be. Our vehicle inspector will visit you to inspect the car physically, and once we have received a condition report, your estimation will be formalised.
  • Documentation: Do you have all the relevant documentation available at the time of sale? Reapplying for documentation from local authorities may take time and result in additional expenditure, which may impact the offer made for your car.
  • Outstanding finance: You can sell your car even if there is outstanding finance on the vehicle. If you cannot settle the amount outstanding before the sale, you may instruct us to pay the outstanding portion of the sale amount to the finance institution and the rest to you. We cannot buy your car if the outstanding finance amount is not settled.

We Buy Your Car

We offer a seamless, fast and efficient car buying service to customers throughout Australia. We make fair offers and do pay-outs within 24 hours of the conclusion of an agreement. Contact us today for more information.

We buy your cars no matter the make or model.
Selling Your Car is a service that puts the worries and concerns of selling your vehicle behind you. If you are wondering where to sell my car for cash, simply contact us, and we’ll make the sale process seamless. We’re the most fluid and trusted resource for vehicle owners, putting cash into the pockets of Australians fast and efficiently.
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By simplifying the process, we fast track your car sale using the convenience of a full concierge service while giving you the safety of a trusted source.
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